Network Infrastructure Management

Whether you have IT talent or an existing network infrastructure, there is always a new technology, or an established business process that can help refine your  connectivity,  improve your employees’ productivity, or find indirect ways of trimming your expenses. With an extensive collection of services to offer, our qualified, certified networking  experts can help you with planning strategies, designing optimal data network architecture, or implementing upgrades to your network. Our  integrated network solutions help you optimize your network, keep options for future growth open, and control costs. Our Technical consultants fold together detailed  business strategy, growth plans and leading edge connectivity technologies to design a thorough connectivity strategy that encompasses all of your LAN and WAN needs

Network Strategy Development
Wireless technology selection (networks, devices)
Network Planning (Merger, Divestiture, Acquisition, and Community of interest networks)
Network Change Study

Wireless networking
Convert your office to wireless today and improve your office workflow.

  • Increased mobility
  • Increased support
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings

Connect your team throughout the office, between floors and even between buildings. In the busy workflow processes of each day, your staff relies information from a variety of sources within and beyond the local network. Wireless provides constant access for meetings, workstations and public areas.

  • Support – Wireless networking increases the way your staff can access network beyond their computers to all sorts of mobile devices.
  • Productivity – Increase the productivity of your team by providing WLAN connect-ability. By providing constant network access, you can help workers increase their productivity by more than 20% in a day.
  • Savings – PTP links deliver long term cost savings over the cost of leased lines between locations. A PTP wireless bridge between two locations will provide faster connectivity for one time expenditure. Also, implementation of a wireless link across a short area may be much less intrusive and expensive than trenching and burying of cable.

To put it simply, virtualization software utilizes hardware system capacity more fully than the current x86 systems, which only use about 10 to 15 percent of capacity. Just as you can partition your computer’s hardware to “create” two or more drives, virtualization utilizes software to simultaneously run multiple and different operating systems. The computer’s resources are shared across multiple environments. Virtualization can be easily managed through automated tools and can be easily duplicated across multiple machines. Virtualization is fast becoming an essential part of most business development plans.
Virtualization is helping:

  • Produce dramatic cost savings over time
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Shift IT from maintenance to strategic support
  • Make networks easier to adapt to market dynamics
  • Increase network availability and performance
  • Support business continuity and disaster recovery for less downtime
  • Deploy desktops more quickly
  • Support multiple networking devices (desktop, smartphone, and tablet)
  • Reduce support calls, Balance workload.

Installs structured cabling systems for computer networks, and video. Experience includes indoor and outdoor applications, move, add and change services (MAC Services). We are available for new installation as well as post installation suppor services. Industry standard cabling installations tested and certified to the most recent specifications. Communication/Equipment room design and installation including environmental and power systems, Complete and accurate documentation for both local site and corporate support purposes, Local installers able to perform Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) quickly and easily Ability to complete numerous projects at diverse locations simultaneously.
We offer the following wire installation services:

  • Network Cabling – Cabling to support Ethernet & Token Ring, category 5, 5e & 6.
  • Video Cabling – Coaxial cabling to support CATV video

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