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The institutions of higher learning need to reap the benefits of internet revolution through integrating ICT into the learning environment. The focus is to improve the quality of education and laying a good foundation at the higher learning institution and encourage the institution and its affiliated colleges to share the resources, knowledge content, promotion and implementation of e-governance, faculty development and exchange of skills. All the IT resources and content should be available to the faculty and students from their desk as well as anywhere-anytime basis over the campus. To achieve the same, the universities/colleges/institutions need to establish Campus network at their campuses. It is very helpful for the universities/colleges and institutions to work from any block/building and receive the same speed of data transfer.

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Desktop Management

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Server Management

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Enterprise Management Solutions

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Computer Hardware Maintenance

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WiFi Campus Services

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CCTV Systems Stand Alone & Matrix

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The institutions of higher learning need to reap the benefits of internet revolution through integra... Read more..

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