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School Admin. Software

TiM Technology provides Software Services and Solutions to the Schools and Colleges by School Admin software. Where in, we bring in the latest technologies to the educational institutions for improving their productivity and help them better utilize their time and resources for the academic activities which is their core focus, by reducing repetitive tasks and management overhead in maintaining Administrative, Managerial and Academic data in traditional forms such as Paper based systems and Excel based System School Admin software is unique and comprehensive web based School Management and Administration software. School management is designed and developed by a class of technical and management professionals after consultations with various schools heads and educationists exclusively to fulfill each and every need of the schools.It has the entire functionality of any educational institution with an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Administrators etc

RFID Solution

As RFID Card plays a major role in regard to the unique identity and security of the student of the Institution. One way to secure schools, students and staff is with these visible identity cards. TiM Technology provide a software solution and service to school by web based RFID card which is designed as per the requirement and specification of the Institution with a photograph of the student and staff. RFID Card helps in keeping the track of their students for many purposes like checking out books from the school library, attendance, in getting tickets to school plays / sporting events, and paying for lunch in the school's cafeteria , and so on. This also allows school's security staff to distinguish between the students, staff and outsiders and makes it easier to prevent unwelcomed visitors and keep the school as safe as possible.

Website Designing

Web designing is gaining more and more importance nowadays as it is a highly effective method of advertising with least costs involved. Web designing is an essential part of a website as it is the quickest & easiest way to communicate. Effectual web design services provided by us are aimed at organizations seeking to use the Internet as a platform. TiM Technology provides software development, quality web development, web design, custom application development and provide end-to-end customized solutions catering to the requirements of the Customer.

Our company offers professional Website development services to help you successfully plan, create, maintain and market your Web development project. Our strengths include fresh and creative graphic design, solid information architecture, and useful Web interactive features like flash animation, music, streaming video, a shopping cart or live interactive content into your web site.

Our Website Designing includes

  • Static Website Design
  • Portal Design
  • Web Templates
  • Web Hosting
  • Flash Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Icon Design
  • User Interface Design

Document Management Solutions (DMS)

Our company provides an outstanding Document Management Solutions (DMS) that eliminates the need for paper based processing, paper storage, printing and distribution and helps dramatically reduce cost in these areas.. The Document Management Solution offered by our company enables our customers to scan and store large numbers of documents in to digital format and index and retrieve as per their requirements. We also provide cost effective printing, copying and duplicating of Document DMS software is a smart & user friendly tool that equips your business to meet the challenges of ever increasing data. It synchronizes all aspects of data management from storage to access to data transfer and ensures faster delivery of data. It further lowers costs by reducing the time and resources needed for discovery, audit, litigation and compliance and it can used to allow different people efficient access to a wide variety of documents that may be shared on a single network, or multiple ones.

Advantages of DMS

The software can help you easily and quickly scan paper documents so you can file them electronically in a centralized location. Search features make it easy and extremely fast to find the documents you need so they can be distributed to the people who need them. A paperless office also frees up valuable office space that can be put to better use as workspace for your employees. In addition, document management software makes your office much more environmentally friendly.