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Our company as an outstanding and most reliable service provider. We are a customer-focused company. We firmly believe that working as partners with our customers is the best way to provide solution to their specific needs. Our extensive communication facilities with our customer allows us to be in service 24x7.

Following is the list of various services offered

Web Designing

Web designing is gaining more and more importance nowadays as it is a highly effective..

School Management System

TiM Technology provides Software Services and Solutions to the Schools and Colleges by School Admin software.

Android App

Our company offers professional Android Apps services to help you successfully plan, create, maintain and market

Document Management System

It eliminates the need for paper based processing, paper storage, printing and distribution and helps..

Wi-Fi Campus Solution

Different access rights to teachers and administrative staff according to their duties and responsibilities

Security System- CCTV

One way to secure schools, students and staff is with these visible identity cards...

Examination Management

The Examination Management software is very user friendly and simple to operate..

Inward and Outward Software

Various modules of the Inward and Outward Software will automate each and every process of the institute.

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